Water & Sewer
inside view of pumping station
Electric & Gas
electrical power lines
several ethernet cables all plugged in
person dialing number on telephone keypad

Water & Sewer

Municipally supplied for each industrial park.

Leavenworth Industrial Park
  • Crawford County Water Company
  • Town of Leavenworth Sewer
Marengo Industrial Park
  • Patoka Lake Water & Sewage
  • Town of Marengo


Duke Energy provides electric to both Industrial Parks.


Indiana Natural Gas supplies all gas needed. Gas originates from the Texas Gas Commission supply.

Broadband & Cable

Frontier provides fiber optics. Verizon provides internet T1, T3, and OCx Access Products.

Wireless & Dial-up

Both Net Surf USA and Verizon have options available.


Both Frontier and Verizon meet demand.


All major wireless carriers are available.

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