workforce draw in crawford, 30 and 40 mile radius

Crawford County’s Workforce

30 Mile Radius - 130,604

Includes 8 counties

  • Crawford County, IN, 5,137
  • Dubois County, IN, 21,723
  • Floyd County, IN, 37,696
  • Harrison County, IN, 19,935
  • Orange County, IN, 10,046
  • Perry County, IN, 9,775
  • Washington County, IN, 13,734
  • Meade County, KY, 12,558

40 Mile Radius - 593,981

Includes 6 more counties

  • Clark County, IN, 56,818
  • Martin County, IN, 5,312
  • Spencer County, IN, 10,862
  • Breckinridge County, KY, 9,970
  • Hancock County, KY, 4,409
  • Jefferson County, KY, 376,006

*Data provided by Hoosier Data

cost of living data for crawford county, indiana, and united states

Cost of Living on Target

Crawford’s cost of living is relatively low in comparison to the state of Indiana. This allows for low cost living in a beautiful, rural setting.

*Data for graphic provided by Radius Indiana

median income data for crawford county, indiana, and united states

Median Income

Our median income ranges on the low side in comparison to state and US as a whole. This allows for employers to keep operating costs down.

*Data for graphic provided by STATS Indiana, USAToday, and the Census Bureau.

educations statistics within Crawford County

Education is Important

The Right Skill and Training

Finding the right skill set for your jobs can be challenging. Crawford County has a strong regional support system for education. With our work force region, we’re confident we have the right employees for your company.

Over 50% of our high school graduates head to college for a 2 or 4 year degree. Another 8% head to vocational schools to learn trades. The remaining 40% head right into the work force.

Onsite vocational classes are available through Ivy Tech.

major cities and mileage near Crawford County


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