Michael Thissen, Executive Director

Michael Thissen

Executive Director


Thank You for visiting our virtual space here in beautiful Crawford County, Indiana. We pride ourselves as being the premiere place to play outdoors with over 200,000 acres of national & state park sites for recreation and relaxation. While tourism is one of our chief industries and an attractive place for visitors, Crawford County also has acreage of opportunity for diverse business, innovation, industrial, and commercial ventures–with immediate access to river, road, rail, fiber, and air infrastructure.

Whether you like to play or retreat, we have opportunities for investment and openness for great work/life balance. Imagine your commute through rolling hills and forest to arrive stress free nearby while not dealing with heavy traffic: Crawford County will accommodate.

Small town life and beautiful vistas are here for you to enjoy while only ½ hour from big city culture and amenities in Louisville, KY. We are happy to take your call whether you want to invest, visit, or just want to hear a friendly voice. Crawford County Economic Development is your first call to explore the many possibilities.

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Michael Thissen

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